X95 + 40mm Video (No HE, Sorry)

Would have to say this is my favourite little bit of the FirstSpear range day pre-SHOT this year. I’ve been lucky enough to shoot the IWI US Tavor/X95 rifles a couple of times now and in my humble opinion they are the all around best military-application assault rifles in the world. When you look at the complete history of Israel and the sheer amount of time their troops have spent in dismounted close combat in order to figure out what works and what doesn’t, I think you can see some good reasoning behind that.

The IWI X95 GL 40 as shown here (standard variant not short) is a fairly new development for the platform, ammunition wasn’t available on the day but it’s a surprisingly light overall package with all the plastic used.  The GL only weighs 1.3Kg with a 12″ barrel, even with it having its’ own integral pistol grip and trigger.

I’m not sure of the name of the gentleman who tends to often represent IWI’s US division but if you follow Larry Vickers on YouTube you’ll likely have seen him in the past. He shows up on the ranges and at the IWI booth during SHOT, very knowledgeable indeed, great shooter and coach.

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