RIF Accessories

B.E. Meyers & Company at DSEI

I was very fortunate to get a detailed run through of the MAWL by one of the staff at the B.E. Meyers stand. As background, the unit was designed specifically to address handling and ergonomic issues for SOF troops employing PEQ type boxes on short carbines in CQB. If you’ve ever tried to setup a rifle’s rail with a laser, light, switches for both and potentially other accessories and you’ve had limited real estate to do so, you’ll definitely understand the side mounted form factor of the MAWL.

Of course on the inside the diodes are all the latest tech, using assemblies of very small emitters grouped together to give greater power while also delivering increased battery efficiency. The construction is of the quality you’d expect and is entirely modular (head, body, tail cap) ready for future upgrades and adaptions.

I personally was mostly interested in functions and ergonomics however. The clever part of the system to mind is the switching. Going from visible green laser to IR outputs is going to be the less frequent function for most personnel, so that’s done via the bezel up front. On the linear switch you have short, medium and long range selection, with a simple lock-out for the high power consumption long rage option to prevent accidental activation in doors or anything along those lines. Then the A and B momentary pressure switches have generally different options; each button at any setting always presents the laser pointer while A is generally low power consumption at close ranges, B for more power and greater range of illumination.

If you take a moment to familiarise yourself with the chart here you’ll probably gain a clearer understanding:


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