Crye G3 Combat Shirt – US Woodland NYCO

Crye Precision G3 combat shirt in US woodland camo, in and out of the packet.

For those who watch my stories over on IG you’ll have seen my set arrive quite some time ago and usually I wouldn’t have posted these for a while, but I thought I’d put this up since O P Tactical Gear Store released a batch of these uniforms for commercial sale today. To my knowledge this is a the first time a retailer has offered these to anyone around the world who wanted to buy them and they sold out rapidly of course. Parabellum Prime retailed these before OP-T, but they only shipped within Canada as far as I know.

If you want further information about this specific variant of Crye uniform just head to this earlier article and find a good amount:

All Crye Combat Uniforms in US Woodland Pattern

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