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Defunct – War Sport Rail Bungee

Now that’s a name I’ve not heard in a long time.

Part of the changes to my Krytac LVOA involved swapping the thicc and heavy proprietary factory handguard for a much lighter one that used the universal standard that is M-LOK. Problem is the LVOA is Foliage Green and Magpul pulled FG from their line before they started making M-LOK stuff and every other manufacturer followed suit. At the time I ordered this rail bungee there wasn’t so much as a cover panel available in FG for M-LOK and there still aren’t any grips or other accessories that aren’t chinese knock-offs that I’ve been able to find.

These bungees enjoyed a very brief time being fashionable during the heyday of KeyMod, but they died off quickly and I’ve never seen a rifle have so much excess cable on it that it needed a set of these. War Sport was absorbed by ZRO Delta
many years ago now, but I found this dusty package in the clearance section of some small and lesser known online store I’d never used before and haven’t used since. They of course can be fitted to basically any handguard regardless of type.

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