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Gunfighter Cool – BCM KAGs

A little back the Haley Strategic Partners store had a big sale on and they were offering these Bravo Company Manufacturing angled grips for $10 a piece, which is about £6.50 ish.  For a US made product from BCM it seemed rude to not at least give them a try at that price.

The above pictured doesn’t give the best representation of scale, but sufficed to say if you’re expecting something the size of a Magpul AFG2 you need to shrink your expectations somewhat.  The Kinesthetic Angled Foregrip is somewhere between an actual foregrip and a handstop; perhaps leaning slightly more towards the latter.  It’s only as wide as the plane upon which the KeyMod slots are cut, where the AFG is wider than a picatinny rail, so there’s not a lot of meat on the KAG.  Personally I’m somewhere between a small and medium in gloves and only about half of my palm actually sits on the angled surface, which personally I have to say I’m not a fan of ergonomically, for me it just doesn’t feel all that great.

What this device does do with the hooked section in the plastic is provide a solid, non-slip traction point for the shooter to secure the weapon firmly back in to the torso without any fear of their hand slipping back, no matter how much rearwards pressure they exert.  Again, due to the thin profile it’s not exactly super comfortable when doing so, but it does what is required from a hand-stop with minimal cost and barely any weight.  The serrated back surfaces give you a good point to apply forwards pressure should you be using the front hook against a wall or barricade.

I’m not going to smash one of these against a wall to see how it fares but I can tell the BCM plastic is clearly not cheap, brittle stuff and the attachment hardware is of course to the quality you’d expect from Bravo Company.  The versions I have here are KeyMod but at the time of writing you can pick these up from the BCM store in KeyMod and Picatinny flavours in either FG, FDE, Black or Grey for around $19.

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