Magpul Your Wardrobe (No Honestly)

Very nice delivery from a good buddy of mine in the non-firearms side of Magpul Industries Corp. today. For those who read the post on the previous version of their wallet keep an eye open for some thoughts on the new one.

I’ll admit, at first I took most of their clothing line to just be basic merch for people who like PMAGs a little too much, but when you look in to it you can see there’s more than what meets the eye. Yes there’s some stickers and caps and the like that are purely swag, but they’re working towards a line of technical clothing that goes far beyond t-shirts. Though some of the t-shirts are very nice indeed, you have to be careful about the design you choose and where you wear it, however the fabrics themselves are’t generic chinese crap they’ve had screen printed to sell to ‘fans’ to make some extra cash on the side. I’d highly recommend checking out their YouTube content for more info about the development and manufacture of their clothing.

A lot of their bread-and-butter products are economical yet very effective accessories for firearms. Comparatively basic parts that are made from simple materials that are rugged and functional. Can you spend hundreds on a carbon fibre/magnesium-alloy bit for your rifle? Sure, that stuff is great and I love it, but the plastic stuff that costs a quarter the price does the job for the majority of people, especially if they’re not busting down doors or about to enter the 3-gun world championships. Hell even seriously premium ARs like EraThr3 and War Sport Ind feature Magpul, because it’s really the established the gold standard for polymer accessories.

I’m very much hoping to have some interesting apparel to show you from Magpul/CORE next time SHOT rolls around. Hopefully a mixture of low-pro civvie clothing and maybe the seedlings of some pure tactical/outdoor layering. As you’ll note I had to cover up a few things that arrived here and most people ask ‘why not just not include them in the image’, but I wanted to highlight the fact that they have some interesting stuff cooking in the background that’s different to the current offerings and hasn’t yet made it to market. Products that you can bring to more places than just the indoor shooting range.

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