RIF Accessories

Mount Up

One real slick (like, seriously) M-LOK Scout mount by Arisaka defence. Having the option of 3 different mounting heights can definitely be a life saver when you’re trying to fit all your accessories as close as possible right up the front of your rail, especially when you take in to account the variances of circumference that different forends are built to.

I wouldn’t claim the machine work is perfect, but only because absolute perfection is impossible; this thing is as close as you’re likely to get. The surface feels like glass and every edge and corner has been done incredibly well. It’s light, feels extremely robust and is very well priced considering what you can pay for an aluminium Scout series light mount.

Arisaka offer a literal cornucopia of products related to illumination systems, all built to the spec necessary to work with the best SureFire, LLC lights in the business. If you want to build that ‘perfect’ setup of electronics at the front end of your handguard, it’s well worth checking them out.

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