Plat-A-Tac Tac Dax Mk3 – Pt2

The Mk3 Tac Dax from PLATATAC. If you missed my video overview on these and you’d like to find out the details click here:

To summarise, you’ve got a mixture here of features based on Crye Gen 2 and 3 combat trousers with a dash of the Patagonia L9s. Good stuff like the 3 stretch panels from the G3s is in there, along with a padded waist and the waist adjustment tabs. I slightly prefer the G3 zipped pockets vs the G2/AC velcro flaps for the sake of security of small items I tend to keep back there, but that’s a personal preference thing.

You’ve also got a ton of adjustment for the knee pads, way more than any offering from Crye. I think if this trouser took the Crye Airflex or even the Patagonia pads they’d probably be my favourite design of anything on the market, sadly I just did not get along with the D3O Trust HP pad set. They didn’t agree with my knees and they are a tad more awkward to fit and remove compared to other options. I’ve heard from people who have got along with them very well however, so this is again my personal experience and it’s annoying from my own perspective to be sure.

Excellent quality throughout though as you’d expect from a company that has produced a whole lot of gear for Australian SF as well as the regular military, special tactics police and Aus LE in general.

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