Crye G3 Combat Shirt – Finnish M05

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Much like Tacwrk and Norse Gear did in the past with Flecktarn and M/98, this Finnish gear store ordered a special one-off batch of G3 combat uniforms that were made available for sale in mid-2018. Over the past year the U.S. retailers finally seemed to have cotton on to this idea and Crye seem to be a bit more open to such orders these days, but in the days of the Gen 2 and early Gen 3 it was the European retailers and distributors that tended to make stuff like this happen.

From what I’ve read elsewhere it has generally been the companies themselves who’ve supplied their country’s camo fabric to CP to be made in to uniforms, though I can’t substantiate that rumour. The cut is 100% G3, no deviations in terms of pocket closures or label styles etc.

Last I looked there were still just a few of these in stock in a couple of sizes at the time of writing, but the matching lowers are long gone. Stay tuned for those in the next post.

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