Kurmaz Combat Trousers – DDPM

Outside of the standard issues CS95s there’s not much out there for trousers in DDPM. So I tracked down some PYCO twill fabric online, which if it didn’t come from a mill used for issued kit then looks and feels exactly the bloody same to me.

Assembled with a few simplifications to lighten the Crye design by my man @romankurmaz back in 2019.

Prior to settling on the F9E cut from Roman I was trying a lot of variations and these specific examples lack the waistband adjusters, ankle pockets and knee pad cover flaps of G3s.  A step in the right direction but I ended up cutting even more.

It wasn’t all that long after acquiring these trousers that I unlocked this skin for Thorne in the original WarZone and ended up playing just a little bit of said game through 2020.  The trousers in the game are more like Gen 2s, but hey mine would be close enough.  I was tempted for a while to copy this kit since I had the right trousers, black G3 knee pads and some salomons, but I wasn’t going to go and buy an LBX PC or a belt design from 2008 in black.

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  1. Verdantlee_Hebi

    I actually thought of this pair of G3 pants in DPM as well, as I brought myself an idea of doing Roach’s kit from OG MW2 but in MW2019 theme (in a form of US Expeditionary Force I skin), as it would make sense with the fact that he’s British and is also part of the SAS as well, and pairing it with a grey PCU Level 5 soft shell jacket, a green combat shirt or even a RAID modded BDU shirt. The plate carrier would be the tricky part, considering that I’m both pairing slightly dated gear with modern ones, but I thought of having an LBT-6094 QRC or an ordinary 6094, as well as a 2-piece belt, taking some creative liberties, but I’ll be retaining his classic MICH/ECH helmet with Oakley A-Frame goggles. If I want to, I can grab an Ops Core FAST helmet and the ESS goggles, but I’ll lose that aesthetic of Roach.

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