Stark Arms G17 Gen3 GBB

The Stark Arms (VFC/Cybergun/Hogward Tactical) G17 Gen3 Gas Blowback pistol with FDE frame and full rip-off trademarks.  I’ve added some basic Trijicon sights and a Guarder magwell along with the 2 Vets Arms edition of the Inforce APL.

I’ve had this pistol for a while but I’ve not actually used it ‘in anger’ so far.  The Stark Glocks are not overall very good shooters; quite poor range and gas efficiency in a lot of them, not the best track record for reliability either (though they’ll generally work ok for a while at least).  This for me is simply a pretty holster filler for 1-day CQB type skirmish games where I’m not going to be shooting many BBs anyway, so the secondary weapon won’t see much use at all and when it does it’ll almost certainly be within 10m.

The rather mediocre internal parts combined with the gritty feel you get when cycling the slide and the low quality hop buckings make this pistol realistically only useful within 20-25m maximum in stock form and only for 1 mag of BBs per fill of gas… ish.  But what you do get with these trademarked versions from Stark is the most authentic looking Glock replica around for the same price tag as a WE if not slightly less at some retailers, i.e. very, very cheap indeed.  The plastic of the frame feels good, the metal of the slide is perfectly decent for your average airsoft weapon and quite a few parts designed for the TM Glocks will fit.  Though sadly from what I can gather, much like the Marui G17, the Starks are just slightly larger than the real Glock all round, meaning you’ll have to take some heat to any ‘real steel’ kydex holsters you buy.

Given that I take pictures of things much more than I skirmish and when I skirmish I’m mostly shooting at very short ranges, this particular pistol fit my needs well, especially for the price.  When I want range, accuracy and efficiency I have some stock TM sidearms in my collection.





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