Stark Arms G17 Gen4 GBB

When we switched from the Browning Hi-Power and Sig P226 in service to the G17 Gen4, it was certainly a step in the right direction as I found the issued BHP to be a fairly awful handgun to shoot by modern standards, given the terrible way the trigger works with the magazine disconnect safety.  Luckily the G17 is a significant improvement and this replica from Stark Arms/VFC is also a noticeable improvement from their own previous offerings in the Glock department.

I’m not going to recommend the SA GBB pistols to all airsoft players, because frankly their reputation as far as reliability goes is very spotty to say the least.  What they do well is look great and come in at a low price point.  Personally I already have a few TM sidearms that I use when I need reliability, range and accuracy.  But when I’m playing a simple walk-on day at some really cramped ‘CQB’ airsoft sites and don’t need much range, the Stark guns certainly do look, sound and more importantly feel, extremely nice.

This is the standard version of the G17 Gen4 with your usual airsoft-metal slide (there is a more premium version out there with a steel slide and co2 mag) and the trades are without doubt the best of any airsoft Glock I’ve seen.  Very close indeed to the real pistols we have in work that this replica emulates.

I’ve added the included +2 base plate to this magazine, which doesn’t add any more bullet or propellant capacity, but it does give the shooter something large on the end of the mag to grip on to and that certainly doesn’t hurt when it comes to those emergency reloads.

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  1. Johnson Cheung

    Using that in survival game from 2016 to now, change all parts including the slide are steel

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