1. Your report is very good

  2. Thanks for such a nice post

  3. larry

    lapolicegear.com does this too – you are probably on the email list to receive the promotional codes now since you created an account.

  4. I like this concept of testing the PIG chest rig. It looks like testing them in an actual environment not in Lab. This testing is actual to check durability, strongness, water proofing, comfort level etc of all the equipments. I like to come their and try this out.

  5. ZakAttak

    I want to know the type of pants he is sporting in your picture there. I can’t seem to find them anywhere.

    • Anonymous

      They’re definitely some custom sew jobs, based on standard BDU trousers.

  6. John Hogen

    Will you be covering the major home brands, like Aegis Engineering and Morgan Defence Systems (the company that acquired NP Aerospace)?

    I’d love to see what they have new for home and export!

    • Comment by post author


      At this point I’ve unfortunately got no idea how long I’ll be at the show or what I’ll be able to get around to see, since I’m going on works’ time.

      • John Hogen

        That’s a shame. Hopefully you’d be able to take pictures.

        NP Aerospace (Now Morgan)’s AC900/CTT helmets are pretty great, and Aegis Engineering (Now acquired by Safariland) vests are some of the best you could find in the UK. Maybe the’ll have something new because recently, they’ve been modernising their lineup from leaked photos, but the only way to understand the full process/idea is to talk to them…

        • Comment by post author


          Modern helmets and armour are always on my radar, so I’ll see what I can find. I’ll spend most of my time in the small arms/dismounted gear areas for sure.

  7. Kensaki

    Yup, the tactical covert route. Totally get what you mean. I wish more brands go down this route.

  8. John

    Quality post. Good points.

    Plenty of cringe worthy language and “impressionists” on this side of the pond. Makes me miss the good old days at the fort and section 8, we were serious about taking ourselves too seriously….

  9. Eric MacLaurin

    Genuine ALG Defense Rail/Barrel nut’s fit on VFC Upper’s? Nice to know. Great bunch of info here.

  10. wish the pics still worked mate!!

  11. Mike

    Thought this shirt looked familiar, checked my NZ issue shirt and it’s almost and exact copy but in MCU developed by Hyperstealth. Check them out, they also developed patterns for the Afghani’s

  12. Chris

    Oh man, I had a set of Highlander and Typhoon (whatever the black version is called) both brand new with tags that i sold for dirt cheap not to long ago because i needed money. They sat on Ebay and FB groups for weeks before somebody finally bought both. Oof.

    • Comment by post author


      Sadly there’s always more value in keeping things. They don’t sell for a great deal but that’s just because people are obsessed with crye, fact is these sets are awesome and the best Krpytek that’s ever been/ever will be made.

  13. Wiener

    The pen pocket on the sleeve, came about because of the PPE requirements were causing the troops to be unable to reach the upper pockets. The plates, shoulder protectors etc were causing the turtling effect. Thus the compromise to the lower one

  14. Wiener

    The parka is a direct copy of the M1951 parka. Also known as the “Fishtail Parka”, the cloth flaps are designed to keep snow out and creat a insulation layer.

  15. La combinación debe usarse con precaución.

  16. Aleksi Tabell

    I think you should take a look at Templar’s Gear products. Most of the Raptor Tactical gear that was shown at Shot Show 2018 was just copied from Templar and probably because of that didn’t get sold. I guess they have spent the year actually making their own designs. 😀

    You can find Templar’s Gear on many of the European gear stores. Really good quality stuff.

  17. R711

    The SMLE was supposedly to be issued with 2 mags, the 2nd was supposed to be used in the case of a dire emergency. However, with budget cuts etc, the 2nd mag was removed from service and used as a primary magazine for another SMLE. If you ever get a chance to fire the SMLE MkV the sight picture is lightyears ahead of the SMLE MkIII* etc.

  18. Gavin ONeill

    Where do I get these ? So cool

  19. James

    Where the hell do I get these? I saw a pic of some operators wearing them I’m Afghan and want to feel like I can slot floppies too.

  20. Sheppard

    Hey! Nice article. I have a chance to buy this for 31 USD, but Im not sure. I read there are sizing issues. I can barely find any info on it except this article. Im also interested in the story of why the line has been discontinued. Sheppard from Hungary

  21. Kevin Ives

    Is this a blog site for pro airsoft in archway? Or anyone who owned it? Sorry to post like this but desperately need to speak to someone.

  22. Tabloid

    What do you think about the fabric durability of these FR shirts compared to regular NYCO ripstop?

  23. Rhys

    Hey mate just a question could you get the new Australian army issued bush hats?

  24. James Gasho

    It is really disappointing for me because I know they make mock off ones but they don’t make them in my size and it’s also difficult to even find real cryes. hopefully some mock off company will have a high enough demand to make big sizes and I know crye will not just start making them because it’s not standard nato anymore. I am 2xll and 46L

  25. Jack Chan

    From what my own experience with it, they sold in one set size and their largest size is not size 38 so it limited a lot of sales .

    Also the people behind this had some kind of fall out and so it ended with this.

  26. RatGirl

    Hey, I was wondering if you would be able to tell me of any places that would stock the same pants as that, or have any leads on where to go to obtain them?
    Thanks! -RatGirl

  27. Rami57

    Really usefull, is it possible to have the same stuff for woodland marpat uniforms ? Got a crye shirt (not a cryefire) like 6 months ago but I can’t find that much infos about these. If they were private purchases and for which units ?


  28. Matthias Saalfeld


    Thanks for your video!
    Can you tell me what trousers you are wearing in the video?


  29. Moises

    Hi mate, I looking for a combat uniform in AMCU, can you help me?
    Thx a lot in advanced

  30. The Gear Confessional

    Great stuff CK.

  31. Andrew Holmes

    Love this mod! Any chance you can send me a pattern so I can give it a go?

    • Comment by post author


      I’m just a buyer not a sew’er I’m afraid, you’d struggle to find a pattern for crye trousers tbh. Disassembling some chinese clones is probably the cheapest way to get one that I can think of.

  32. Luke

    hey i was wondering if you still had this

  33. Dave

    Love these, and so do many folks around me! We would like to grab some for sure. I understand lead times and the like, but still cannot understand how to order these even after watching the video. Can you send another link or simply this for ordering information? Thanks much

  34. Dylan Norris

    I believe I have original gen1 woodland combat pants with no tag and I’ve owned gen2 custom combat top and bottom.can u help me figure this out?thanks

  35. TGC

    My team mate wears a pair in MC which he picked up new on eBay for circa £200. Nice material and he’s happy with them.


    Did you ever sell them ?

  37. Tim

    While I am certainly in the camp that enjoys seeing all these different kinds of camo patterns, this one in particular (AOR1) makes me curious. It shares quite a bit with the desert MARPAT. I just wonder why the Navy didn’t just go with the Corps design. Either way, I do enjoy both patterns. You’re articles are well written and really dig into what makes the piece unique.

    • Comment by post author


      Pretty sure the USMC had rules in place to stop literally anyone else using their patterns. Also MARPAT has the EGAs in it and SF like to have their own special sauces. Thanks for coming by 🙂

  38. Cormac Quigley

    I have a pair of identical pants in OD Green sold by sportsman’s guide in ripstop nyco with the same label. The only had Green, Blue and Black colors. The white label on the bag they came in states – New USMC NYCO Ripstop field.
    They have the same inside label as above. I believe they are genuine or subcontracted crye made.
    Sportsman’s Guide also sold the G2 combat shirts you featured as well as G2 multicam field pants in the correct softshell material. All three were sold for $80.
    I believe they were tests or overruns – I think you are correct in your theory that crye were in the running for a mass contract before they fell out of favour with the military.

  39. Cormac Quigley

    Sportsman’s Guide sold these G2 combat shirts, the mislabeled ‘All weather field pants’ in ripstop nyco as well as well as multicam field pants in the correct softshell material. All three were sold for $80 each.
    They all turned up at the same time. I believe they were tests or overruns – I think you are correct in your theory that crye were in the running for a mass contract before they fell out of favor with the military.
    SG sells overruns from companies or sometimes military contractors that go out of business. They usually don’t tell you the manufacturer other than US military contractor.

  40. Eric

    Hi mate,

    Do you know a good guy or store where I can buy Crye AOR 1 shirt and pants and other original staff?

    Thank’s Eric

  41. Hannes

    what scope is on mp5 ?

  42. DudePlayinADudeAsAnotherDude

    2nd MSOB issued, and had in supply a decent amount of a very similar shirt. It may be the same thing. They were woodland MARPAT with a sand torso. The tag read “Army Custom”. I have no idea how they got there as they have a non standard supply line. To my knowledge they were issued for various training operations. The USN has a YouTube video on SARCs where you can see both the AC in MARPAT Woodland and a G3 in MARPAT woodland.

  43. Gee C.

    Hi there do you want to sell the combat shirt? I’m interested

  44. Gee C.

    By the way I’m asking because I,m also in the German army and i was looking for so long for a crye desert bw.


  45. Rc40d

    Ran several dismount ops with Liz and these installed. Only had one of the side clasps come undone once and only ran the pad component after that.

    I would run these pads in my Beyonds as well, over Crye gen 3 pads.

  46. Aahmes Deschutter

    Hey there, curious how this jacket compares to the arcteryx combat jacket!? Thanks

  47. Mikey bubbles

    This assessment is spot on. I really like my flatpack in conjunction with my haley or spiritus chest rigs. But these are the only scenarios in which the flatpack works for me. Attaching it to my pc allowed for zero access to my kit (I’m just another dumbass civilian, not a door kicker in a stack) and I found it sat very low, especially when loaded with gear, causing my front plate bag to ride up into my neck.

  48. Shot Scientist

    While I agree with the overall sentiment, there really aren’t any nice organic solutions to self access to a pack with a plate carrier on. Crye has a means with the AVS1000, which I have to an extent jury-rigged on my Ferro Slickster with, ironically, a Haley Flatpack. In this instance the low profile straps are perfect for my needs.

    Live and let live!

    • Comment by post author


      No organic solutions? Can’t help but feel ya didn’t read the whole thing tbh mate.

      • Shot Scientist

        You’re right. Missed the VEP. Didn’t even know it existed. It functions a lot like what I described and the AVS but I gotta be honest, flopping that overhead seems…. unpleasant.

  49. FYI, someone is impersonating me as “David Ly”

    Admin please contact me if you’re needing to verify the validity.

  50. Shot Scientist

    My personal wishlist has your two mains plus a few extras:

    1. Delete the ankle pockets
    2. Where matching fabric is available use 500 denier cordura for the knee pad pocket (not sure if that would affect function)
    3. Vertical zipper on front of cargo pockets for secondary access
    4. Fine mesh internal gaiters to keep ticks etc. out
    5. Where the camouflage pattern has an orientation, orient all pockets etc. appropriately (it appears the thigh pocket fabric on yours are oriented vertically instead of horizontally)
    6. Delete the rear zippered pockets (don’t use them)

    • Comment by post author


      Obviously every single person’s exact preferences will vary a lot, there’s no way this will satisfy everyone precisely, but deleting some pockets and changing the orientation on at least the knees is on the list. Also when you order, any extra adjustments on top of the pre-set list can be added in if there’s some other small tweaks you want, though roman probably won’t do add-on stuff like zips that have never been part of the crye pattern. Most of this endeavour is about deleting the wasted features and correcting the few deviations Roman makes from the normal G3s.

  51. Nick Mazzone

    Hey I really like this placard do you know if Roman still makes them? if so is there anyway you can give me his contact info? I am in need of a new placard and I’m not a big fan of bulk in the front so the MK4 was out the door in 12 hours for me. If you have his contact info that would be fantastic man thank you

  52. Christopher Watkins

    Hey there. I am highly interested in what you have going on here. I am interested in fully customizing and tailoring my atacs-au gear setup. I have an extra pair of some great atacs pants with great features that i want to utilize to create an entirely new custom pant build on top of something super comfortable. I need a lot of help though and dont know where to look. I hope you may be able to help me out.

  53. Hayden

    Any idea where to get these? I’ve had the gen 1s for a while and am looking to upgrade

    • Hi,


      You can get the G2 Patagonia VIKP knee Pads at our website Orbitaltactical.com. Will have them in back in stock around October 26th. 89.00 + free shipping. We also have the Patagonia G1 knee pads in stock for 65.00 + free shipping

  54. How do you have the side pouches set up on the first picture? I’ve researched the WTF expander saddles and they are absolutely massive. Like larger than the entire chest rig itself. I imagine the molle panels are similar in size. How do you have the GP and double pistol mag pouch mounted? Thanks

  55. Charles Sloan

    How much for the combat flannel?

  56. Tom

    That was a COMPREHENSIVE review! Thank you, clearly you put a lot into doing these trousers justice. My personal take is that they are way too engineered but I’m from the S95 generation when two cargo pockets were all you got! Once again thank you!

    • Comment by post author


      Thanks mate, appreciate the visit and taking the time to read.
      I think there is a good middle ground to be had inbetween something like these and the old CS95/BDUs, but yeah I know what you mean.

  57. Jaakko

    M05 NyCo is a thing indeed, it’s called Spartan fabric. Varusteleka’s Särmä-line uniforms also use the same stuff.

  58. Shot Scientist

    Love it! Can’t wait to get some made in some exotic pattern.

  59. Steve

    Any idea what sort of fabric these are made from? Cotton/polyester twill?

  60. Aiden

    Weren’t the Crye M05 a limited edition run?

  61. Kotioperaattori

    are those ones you have for sale by any means? they were a limited run only and can’t seem to find a pair anywhere anymore..

  62. DHJ

    Helpful review.

  63. DHJ

    Good review. Thank you.

  64. Chris

    I would be interested in one of your “TS”-Shirts – please let me know!

  65. Rufus

    Hi! What’s the difference between blockI and blockII NC pants? It’s easier to see on combat shirts but i cant see differences between the pants or if those exists. Thanks for your page where we can find whatever need to known.

    • Comment by post author


      Unfortunately I do not know and as far as I’m aware those names are made up by the collecting community. I’m fairly sure the differences are incredibly minor (if there are any at all), but best to ask in Crye Owners Group on facebook.

  66. Blake

    I’d definitely be interested in a tiger stripe g3 pants.

  67. Kyle

    I use a fight light split front with the additional padded yoke, as well as their double mag shingles at work. I’ve been in nuclear security long enough to actually have worn out a Mayflower chest rig, and TT is what I settled on for a replacement. My only “upgrade” was putting Haley mag inserts in the shingles so I wouldn’t have to mess with retention straps.

    Comfortable and lightweight and very reasonably priced.

    • Comment by post author


      Very hard to beat that setup. I had various 2-piece MAVs many years ago and just wanting to look cooler was literally the only reason I switched to PCs, but for sheer practicality the MAV is just superb.

  68. Robert

    If you´re interested I can ger you some US4CES goodness.

  69. Let me know if you’re ever trying to sell these. They’d be nice for deployment.

    • Comment by post author


      I’m always collecting and very rarely selling, but try and get in touch with Drifire or one of their distributors. Bear in mind Crye cut uniforms in top end FR fabric cost about double what regular G3s do though.

  70. Scot

    Whenever I see a used one of these for sale on an auction site, the jersey material is usually always torn in a few places.

    How durable can this really be under hard use?

    • Comment by post author


      Not sure where you’ve been looking but I’ve seen literally thousands of second hand ones on eBay over the years and rarely do they have more than small pin holes in the torso. The Crye combat shirts have been extensively combat proven to put it mildly, the combat shirt itself is hardly a new concept at this point, every military with half decent kit issues them given how well they work compared to traditional old BDU type shirts.

  71. Shotscientist

    How would you describe the fit on them compared to other brands, especially in light of the lack of stretch panels? I tried a few pairs on once and the sizing and proportions seemed off. Then again I’m lower speed and higher drag than the intended audience.

    As far as I have personally seen, Canadian SOF wear Crye for the uniforms but Arc’teryx is typical for the outerwear.

    • Comment by post author


      They’re on the baggy side through the thighs and especially the lower legs, doubly so by modern standards, no doubt. Do feel slightly weird but still overall comfortable in the short time I’ve worn them so far.

      • Shotscientist

        Cheers! That’s how I remember them. I quite like their Cross Functional Pants, but they also have that generous leg thing going too – I suppose that’s the only option with no stretch panels.

  72. Type3engine

    Very nice! Keep up the work. Do you think Roman will branch out into other designs for pants?

    • Comment by post author


      Thanks, lots more to come. I’d say probably not though, he’s got AC and G3 combats, the Linderhof style and my F9E, don’t think he’s looking to expand right now.

  73. Quincy Fong

    May I know how much of this set? Thanks.

  74. How does this compare to the Crye Field Shell 2?

    I am on the fence about which one to get…

    • Comment by post author


      I’m afraid I haven’t spent the necessary time sweating in either to make a decision on the material, unless one has a layout you really much prefer, then Crye is the better company to give your money to.

  75. juri

    very interested in buying

  76. Greg

    How do I actually contact him? just pm on facebook?

  77. James

    The mesh spacer pad you mention… can you provide a link to one that would work for a HSP flat pack

  78. nelson mcculloch

    Go to fireforce venture if you are looking for rhodesian brushstroke camo. They have it in the original army cut and in operator styles.

  79. Jason Bernhardsen


  80. Joonas K

    The word on the streets is that theres a new batch dropping in 11/2021, and this time with darker stretches. The light green did not perform satisfactory under NIR.

  81. Allen

    If your looking for US4CES stuff. I remember a while back there was a guy on the r/tacticalgear subreddit who seems to have a bunch of stuff in US4CES for their setup. You might want to check with them. Their name is u/ulyxx.

  82. Phillip Gallaty

    I really would like to get an XL set of the Desert Night Camo.
    I do not need the liner as I live in tropics but should be great
    for night hunting here.

    Can you advise?

  83. Yuri

    Would you please help provide the price for this product? I would like order it. Thank you so much.

  84. matthew Doherty

    I bought a used 1.0 specifically to use with a chest rig, as a hydro pouch with the ability to possibly carry more. hoping to pair with a spiritus thing 2, a triple kywi placard and some utility pouches for nods.

  85. Verdantlee_Hebi

    Probably the only set that I’ll never get my hands on, since I’ve been missing out for a whole lot, and been liking Kryptek a lot more than MultiCam, due to the popular transitional camo being used by a plethora of special forces and law enforcement units, or I’ll just say that the camo being overrated in general. Although I do have some respect for the camo that was supposed to be issued to the US Army and instead opted for their own OEF-CP, or OCP camo by the Natick Labs just by refining it.

    I did find a set on EBay in Highlander pattern, but it’s a little suspicious for me to get, since there’s only one picture and I think it was priced around $500 if I’m not mistaken (again, correct me if I’m wrong). Still, I’ve been eyeing on this site for a while and I thought I should say, an excellent review to read on, since I’ve read almost every single one of them.

    What do you think of the sizing and the quality in terms of sewing and cut made for the improvement by Platypus Outdoor, so far? And I thought of having to get a custom pair based on these and the Crye G3s from Roman as well someday, since his looks promising too.

    • Comment by post author


      Thanks for coming by. I’d say if you want a combat set in Kryptek going some F9E items from Roman is honestly the way to go unless you want to scour the internet for years for the old Platatac sets.

  86. tim

    how can I buy this

  87. Nicholas

    One of my favorite sets of cryes. It was really cool to see them featured in zero dark thirty.

  88. Parker

    Most people hate when I ask this question but from your experience what is the best combat set?

  89. Parker

    Most people hate when I ask this question but from your experience what is the best combat set? I also understand this article is two years old.

  90. Rob

    Great comparison vid.

    Another reason I like to use a higher mounted red dot optic is to more closely mimic my cheek/chin weld on my stock when I’m shooting under NODs utilizing a laser.

  91. EG

    I have a pair that don’t have the black Crye stripe on the pocket, which seems odd. But I got them from a legitimate distributor and everything else in your article indicates they’re legitimate.

  92. S

    Great article!
    The extra flaps in clothing, whether the placket on a shirt/jacket or the fly was for gas protection and/or infrared protection. Of course, that didn’t work after a washing or two, and most soldiers/Marines/et al removed them, whether it was in WWII or in the 1990s.

  93. Steve

    What about the size/fit? Unusually I wear Arc’teryx M (standard fit) or Arc’teryx L (Trim fit). 1.85m/82kg/104cm chest
    So currently I am unsure if I should order a RG one in L or M.

  94. DarkLite

    Which velcro panel did you end up going for?

    I’ve recently gotten into the Placard Paradigm after reading through your latest blogposts and I’ve just picked up an Airframe clone.

    • Comment by post author


      It’s a custom job from yeeears ago before you could really get them commonly, but any that’s 6 columns x 5 rows will fit. Just make sure the attachment straps are soft of course.

  95. Brian

    In your opinion could they be more comfortable on longer walks if you replace the insoles? I have a pair in the box, and like them. I have only had them on twice around the house, and the fit is good, so I am inclined to agree with the things you are saying. I still have the option to send them back, and I do want to wear them on long walks if I keep them, but can tell that will get old fast as they are. I would love your opinion on my question. Thank you for the review.

  96. can grab this from India?

  97. 51773_Mickey

    Does Roman have a site where you can order items?

  98. sam

    a likely explanation as to why the man in the first picture is wearing ucp is that his unit is attached to/ working in the same area as conventional units wearing the same pattern. a seal team did this at one point too in afghanistan– it’s most likely to avoid targeting by the enemy because of the uniforms they wear.

  99. CB

    Just snagged a pair of these guys off the bay. Your site has been really helpful over the past few years, appreciate your insights into the various pieces of gear and their origins. I am also focused on combat lowers like you’ve mentioned you are, these have been at the top of my list for a good while. Now, about actually wearing em somewhere… 🙂

  100. Fili

    Cool camo, wonder why Brookwood discontinued it. If have in mind to sell it…

  101. Michal

    Have a pair for sale, size 34R, new never worn but without tags and bag. G1 Multicam Combat Pants. I will sell it for 750 $.

  102. Nick

    Definitely the coolest AC’s in my opinion! It’ll be interesting if Crye ever makes some G4’s I. This pattern. It seems the nuance (like the buttons) that was in the various G2’s is gone for the G3’s. No matter the pattern all the G3’s I can think of are identical in build.

  103. Nicholas

    Congratulations man!

  104. Alex B

    Where can I buy this?

  105. McMillan

    Alguien vende el pantalon?

  106. cb

    thanks for the write up
    got a couple of these bois in the desert marpat, one of my faves for sure

  107. Scott

    How does this Sand colour compare with Crye’s Khaki 400? Lighter? Darker?

  108. Scott

    Pilling is what holds me back from buying G4 clothing.

    • Comment by post author


      They *may* have gotten better now and with NSPA stuff, tricky to know for sure without getting constant up-to-the-minute field reports.

      • Scott

        Sorry for my ignorance, what does NSPA stand for? I am sore tempted to buy g4 pants because supposedly they are cooler in hot weather, but the price is very high and there are very few reviews … : (

  109. Scott

    Do you know where Arktis manufactures their clothing? Tag says Made in UK but they told a French YouTube channel they manufacture in EU and that the Exeter facility is mainly for designs.

  110. Scott

    Thanks for the reply. I appreciate your site and the work you do, very much. You’ve helped me with purchases (what to get, what to avoid, etc.) immensely.

  111. Daniel

    thanks for this review just bought a pair. very helpful explaining the differences in material and also the differences between ‘combat’ and ‘field’. it’s amazing that cryes website doesnt have this info. cheers

  112. Jarass

    Anyone know where I might be able to get this camo?

  113. Chris M.

    Great write up on the KAC RAS. I’ve been looking for one for my military issue M4 clone I’m building and was surprised at 1) the cost of them, and 2) the rarity of them. Looks like I’ll have to settle on the MI drop in hand guard.

  114. O

    How do you think about Gen.2 of Assault Shirt AR? Did it get better or Arc’teryx LEAF didn’t catch any of those problems?

  115. Julian Perez

    Very well done article if I recall these could have also been made not purely to meet USMC SOF demands but probably also Delta Force’s who has in the past worn various different patterns that other branches have used such as AOR.

  116. karim

    There are a few SFSG load outs though?

  117. Comment by post author


    That is already in the works and being manufactured fairly soon, won’t be too long before they’re available.

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